Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Art developed during slavery in the 16th century which nowadays is practice by millions of capoeristas throughout the world. Capoeira Brasil[nyc] offer classes 4 times a week which is open for beginners, children and adults. Our classes provide you an exciting experience of brazilian culture and all capoeira elements (dance, music, fight).

Our instructors, Instrutora Coruja and Instrutor Tuzinho have been dedicating to Capoeira over a decade and they make classes fun and beginner's friendly giving special attention.

In our class, you will find many different people: men, women, children, and mothers, and many different people of all cultural backgrounds. Capoeira group believes that Capoeira is for everyone! Our main objective is to give everybody the opportunity to learn Capoeira, without discrimination against of race, sex, or social class.

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